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December 12, 2010

Flash Lite Application: Music Twitts Shakira

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Biskero has posted a new Flash Lite applicatiion: Shakira, the music servies will let you read the latest music news from Shakira via Twitter.

December 8, 2010

Flash Tip: How to add swipe gestures to you mobile Flex application

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Steven Peeters has posted a new flash tip on his blog: Adding swipe gestures to you mobile Flex application, Steven said you can choose 2 options to use the gesture to move things around or go from screen to screen etc.

1. Using ActionScript to attach an event listener

private function initView():void {
   addEventListener(TransformGestureEvent.GESTURE_SWIPE, onSwipe);

2. capture the gestureSwipe event on the View tag

<s:View xmlns:fx=""

Via Flexpert

December 6, 2010

Using YouTube AS3 API build a video application for Android

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Fabio Biondi has posted a article to introduce how to build a new prototype to display YouTube Channel content, from the playlists to a single video, using the YouTube AS3 API, right now just testing the YouTube API on Android devices.

The article said "you can easy develop native applications for your Android (OS 2.2) devices using the current Flash Platform tools like Adobe Flash CS5 Professional and Adobe Flash Builder 4.5".

Here are the screnshots:

November 4, 2010

SWF2Go Professional 2.6 is Available

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SWF2Go Professional 2.6 now is available. The new version enables you to create rich owerful and engaging Flash Lite applications rapidly by combining the power of Python for S60 and Net60. And supports latest Symbian based devices, such as Nokia N8, C7 etc.

SWF2Go Professional enables you to create rich, powerful and engaging Flash Lite applications rapidly by combining the power of Python for S60 and Net60. Making professional class deployment packages is now one-click operation with new redesigned and friendlier user interface.

SWF2Go is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) friendly tool, allowing Flash Lite developers to deliver fast and on-time through simplified SIS packaging process.

June 30, 2010

New Flash Lite Project: Flash Lite rss reader

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Biskero has posted a new FLash Lite project: Flash Lite rss reader, the Flash Lite application is base for more complex Flash Lite rss reader. It’s based on Flash Lite 1.1 so it will work on any Nokia devices, both S40  and S60. Anyone is welcome to contribute, maybe adding more feature or new rss reader based on more recent Flash Lite versions.

“A Flash Lite 1.1 rss reader composed of a client and server side components. The client is developed in Flash Lite 1.1 so that it can run on any Nokia device supporting Flash Lite 1.1 and above. The server side is a php 5 script parsing a RSS xml feed.”

June 25, 2010

New Flash Lite Application: Kero Mobile Twitter

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Biskero has posted a new Flash Lite application: Kero Mobile Twitter, “Kero Mobile is the next generation service oriented mobile independent AppStore. Kero Mobile allows mobile users to access mobile applications, games, media, music, social networking communities, news, sport news, blogs, city information, RSS feeds and more“.

June 7, 2010

Tutorial: How to Build a BMI Calculator Application in Flash Lite

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Flash Visions has posted a new Flash Lite tutorial, the tutorial tell us how to build a Body Mass Index Calculator in Flash Lite, the alculator is a common health application to carry about in your pocket.

The application needs the Sony Ericsson’s component set. You can download it here: Sony Ericsson components for flash lite.

The stage setup consists of 3 frames. Each frame represents a screen of out application.

Screen 1: Introduction screen, providing information to user about the application.

Screen 2: Metric selection screen, which lets user select unit of calculation (Standard/Metric).

Screen 3: Calculation screen, which collects data from user and calculates the BMI value.

BMI Intro Screen BMI Metrics Screen BMI Data Collection Screen

The application contains the following layers.

common actions: Contains stop(); code to prevent auto play of flash movie.

actions: Contains code specific to each screen (we will see ahead)

assets: Contains some UI graphics including the ListSingleRow component.

text-terms: Contains static, dynamic and input text blocks,  used in the application.

misc-ui: Contains some specific UI graphics used in the third screen.

softkey-component: Contains the Sony Ericsson’s SoftKeys component used for soft keys management throughout the application.

Title-text: Contains application’s title text “Body Mass Index Calculator.

Titlebar-graphics: Contains a simple background graphics for the application’s title text.

You can get the complete article from here.

May 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 Flash Application: APWorldCup

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Biskero posted a new article to introduce a new Flash application about World Cup 2010, the application named APWorldCup, you can download from Ovi Store,

“Feel the excitement of the games with AP’s 2010 World Cup Coverage in Flash! Follow your team throughout South Africa and enjoy a feature-rich multimedia experience with live game scores, schedules, standings, and more. Additional features include star player profiles, photos and videos, venue information and interactive voting to pick your favorites. Available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, AP 2010 World Cup Coverage is your most trusted source for the 2010 South Africa games!”

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