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August 24, 2011

Flash Resource: How to Use Flash Platform P2P API

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The online presentation will teach you how to leverage the Adobe Flash platform P2P API to create applications for sharing video, audio, and data among application peers. Jun Heider demonstrates P2P technologies working across multiple devices and taking advantage of the flexible RTMFP protocol.

Here is the Presentation slides (PDF)

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August 18, 2011

Flash Resource: Getting Started With Flash Pro

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Jay Armstrong has posted a very useful article in his Adobe blog, the article will tell you how to start Flash Pro, the following are the details:

  1. Flash Pro 5-Step Learning Guide
  2. Identifying the elements of the Flash workspace – This video provides a nice introduction to the various parts of the Flash IU.
  3. Introducing Flash Professional – This video has a nice overview of Flash’s workflow basics, including using the workspace, creating and importing artwork, using symbols and the Timeline, and publishing SWF from your FLA files.
  4. Creating your first Flash professional document – This tutorial is very popular and takes you all the way through your first project in Flash.

June 11, 2011

Flash Resource: Flash & Flex Developers Magazine

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Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine is a great, free resource for Flash & Flex developers.

The magazine articles include:

  • Android in Practice Shiny Metal: Applying Themes and Styles
  • Android in Practice Technique: The Action Bar
  • Create Your Own Events
  • Adventures In ActionScript Interacting with Game Objects
  • In the Eye of the Storm Facing the Challenges of Developing World Class RIAS – PART 2
  • Item Renderers in Practice
  • Mr. Mixit
  • Benefits of Using Document Management System
  • Interview with Luca Mezzalira
  • Interview with Charlie Collins, Michael D. Galpin, and Matthias Kaeppler – the authors of Android in Practice

You can download the PDF file from here.

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