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June 8, 2008

New Flash Lite Game: FlashBall

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SymbianFreak posted a new Flash Lite game. It can be used in all Symbian s60 3rd devices!

You can use ’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ keys to control this game.

 Symbian Freak said:

"The scope of the game is to reach the goal without touching the walls.

You have to guide a little ball through the maze by keeping it on the bars, take it to the finish line and proceed to the next level.

Bars in your way are also trying to push you down. Some of them are reversing or locking your keyboard, others are pushing your ball in different directions and there’s also the glass bar and on/off bar! The ball is controlled only by using the arrow keys but it i also confiredm taht game works just fine with Nokmote!"




you can download in here


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