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    The Application Of Thermal Silicon Pad For LED Lamp

    News source: Powered Release date:2015-09-06 14:26:40Publisher:SHENZHEN JIA RIFENG TAI ELECTRONIC Technology CO., LTD.

    In our lives, LED lamps also extensive than many kinds of applications , for indoor LED lights typically use a relatively weak thermal effects that thermal insulation material, which can reduce the cost but also to meet the needs of the product, but for some outdoor high power LED lamp , like street lights,relative to other indoor lights, not only the power to be much larger, and in order to better heat dissipation , while increasing lamp life, many businesses typically use thermal effect is relatively good thermal insulating material, such as thermal silicone pad . Then what's application of thermal silicon pad use in LED lamps ?

    Thermal silicon pad is a high thermal conductivity performance material, usually used in the chip and heat sink or housing, for electronic heating products to thermal conduction. Its own slightly viscous , softness and compressible. However, Shenzhen Jia RIfeng Tai followed market demand to supply thermal and insulation products, such as thermal silicon, insulation silicon pad , silicon cap / tube etc.

    Thermal silicon pad relative to other thermal products, more stable performance, good thermal effects, and more for thermal power products, comes slightly viscous, easy to operate, can be directly sticked between the aluminum substrate and heat sink of led lamp , to make full contact and exhaust air, the heat dissipated from the heat sink , thereby greatly reducing the lamp itself heat, thus extending the lamp life.


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