Options for RAID 5 Recovery

raid5RAID, or redundant array of independent (or inexpensive) disks, is a method of organizing, storing and copying computer data on to two or more hard drives. By arranging data in this way, the efficiency of the computer’s hard drive is optimized and its performance is greatly enhanced. While RAID takes up a certain amount of storage it is incredibly valuable to business or corporate servers that are relied on by multiple computers at once. RAID is available in several different levels and can be installed on personal computers or servers but is more cost effective for large scale servers. RAID 5 is the most common level used for these servers but is unfortunately liable to hard drive crash and malfunction. In the event of a single hard drive crash, RAID is secure from loss however in the event of more than one drive malfunction the data is susceptible to corruption as well as loss.

Hard Drive Recovery Group is a data repair and recovery company that offers specific services for RAID 5 data recovery. Their technicians are able to recover data from Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris, FreeBSD and more, and are experienced with all brands of hard drives and servers. There services are offered through three options ($100.00 is added to the cost of each service per additional drive that requires service):

Remote RAID recovery is a method where the customer computer or server is connected through a secure channel to the computer specialists at HDRG. This service costs between $450.00 to $1000.00 and takes between 8 and 24 hours. They guarantee that no fee is charged unless your data is completely recovered and they boast a success rate of 95%. The first step after identifying your RAID array malfunction is to contact Hard Drive Recovery Group to find out if RAID data recovery is necessary for you. Next a channel is established so that the technicians are able to access your damaged hard drives through your computer or server. The data is then recovered and a list of the retrieved files are sent to you. Once you agree and pay their recovery fee, the recovery process is completed and your files are sent to you.

Offsite recovery is another option given by HDRG that requires you to remove your damaged drives from your computer and ship them to the company location. This service costs between $900.00 and $2500.00 and generally takes up to three days. After contact, they will determine the probability of data retrieval and then your drives are mailed. Before recovery is completed, a bill is sent and following payment the data recovery process is finished. This option requires that you are able to properly remove and label your RAID hard drives as well as package them to prevent further damage while being shipped.

The third option for RAID data retrieval is their custom recovery that deals with special cases that have not found success with other companies or methods. This is a special service that completely customizes the HDRG software to each individual case in order to retrieve files from even the most corrupted drives. This service can cost anywhere from $1000.00 to $3000.00 depending on the system and amount of drives. It typically takes a couple days but can take anywhere from 1 to 7 for the customized recovery to be completed.
Hard Drive Recovery Group has been performing data recovery for nearly 20 years and boasts a long list of impressive clientele. Reviews and blogs are consistently updated on their webpage and a bank of frequently asked questions provides a database of information to help potential customers decide which method of data recovery suits them best.

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  • Sharmaine Stone says:

    Keep in mind that the best way to RAID recovery is through reassembling the structure of the file system and only trained specialists can do that. Find yourself a credible RAID recovery service provider.

  • Ryan Hopkins says:

    It’s not actually very easy to determine which among the drives has failed. Therefore, it only makes sense that you leave fixing it to the experts.

  • Myra Ward says:

    I will keep this Hard Drive Recovery Group in mind so that the next time I encountered RAID 5 issues, I know just who to get in touch with. This has never happened to me but just to ensure my files will be saved, I will only rely on a proven and trusted recovery service provider.

  • Raquel Barnes says:

    If you experience any RAID issue, try not to panic and never rebuild the array. This will just worsen the condition and might permanently damage the system.

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